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Irving P. Beadle. Name a dime novel and chances are it was written by Irving Beadle. Writing these in the 1860's, Beadle was almost singlehandedIy responsible for frontier fiction's bad reputation.

Max Brand, author of The Untamed, is known as the "King of the Pulps." During a career that started in 1918 he wrote 85 books, 55 stories, 201 novelettes, 196 serials, and two volumes of poetry

Ivan Doig
The novels of this Northwestern alumnus are infused with the author's Montana upbringing. After ten years of being supported by his wife (another NU alum), he began making a living as a writer in 1984, after the publication of his fourth book, English Creek, which won him a $20,000 fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.
* Bucking the Sun
* Dancing at the Rascal Fair
* English Creek
* Heart Earth
* Mountain Time
* Ride with Me, Mariah Montana
* The Sea Runners
* This House of Sky, Landscapes of a Western Mind
* Winter Brothers: A Season at the Edge of America
* News, a consumer's guide
* The Streets We Have Come Down; Literature of the city

Robert E. Gard wrote Johnny Chinook in 1967. The novel takes us on a fascinating tour of Alberta, sampling some of the real larger-than-life characters in our history.

Zane Grey, author of Riders of the Purple Sage ( 1908) and 54 other novels, is one of the best known western writers. The first of his books appeared in 1908 and reprints are easily found in bookstores today.

Richmond P. Hobson Jr., rancher and author of three wonderful books. A thrilling account of the discovery and homesteading of the last great cattle frontier in Northern British Columbia in the 1930's. I could not put these books down,
* Grass Beyond the Mountains
* Nothing To Good for a Cowboy
* Rancher Takes a Wife

Will James, author of The Lone Cowboy, was a cowboy legend during the 1920's and 30's. Known to most people as an American author, Will James was actually born in Quebec in 1892 and learned his cowboy skills in western Canada.

Louis L'Amour's novels have been bestsellers for decades. Some of his books, like The Sackett Brand ( 1965), are fictional histories of dynamic frontier families.

Alfred Henry Lewis started writing the Wolfville series in 1902. Followed by three other books, it gave readers a taste of the true life of the cowboy mixed with the tallest of tall tales.

Cormac McCarthy is one of the best contemporary western writers in the United States. McCarthy is the author of several novels, but All The Pretty Horses (1992) is a classic cowboy tale.

Norman Maclean best know for his book, A River Runs Through It beginning with the memorable line, "In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing," Maclean paints an evocative portrait of his own life with words to hold for an extra moment so that they may be absorbed and not lost.
*A River Runs Through It
*Young Men & Fire
*American Author Series - Norman Maclean

Larry McMurty's Lonesome~Dove (1985) is one of a number of novels to be made into a television program. The program and the book prove that western stories still have a wide public appeal.

Clarence Mulford is famous as the creator of Hopalong Cassidy. Hopalong made his debut on the bookshelves in 1910.

Louise Riley wrote about' cowboy life from a young boy's perspective. In 1950, her most famous novel, The Mystery Horse was popular with young readers throughout Canada.

Theodore Roosevelt wrote one of the most famous and accurate accounts of the old west in the 1890's. Titled The Winning of the West, it aroused new interest in the potential of the western frontier.

In 1920, Robert Stead's novel Dennison Grant set the tone for many Canadian Western novels. His books were some of the first to paint a true picture of Alberta's cowboy life.

Wallace Stegner is one of the foremost names in western literature. One of his most famous novels, Wolf Willow ( 1962) , is set in the Saskatchewan prairies.

Saskatchewan author Guy Vanderhaege is an established novelist and short story writer. His book, The Englishman's Boy (1996) is historical fiction. .

In 1902 Owen Wister created one of the most enduring cowboy heroes - The Virginian. The Virginian was based on the life of cowboy Eb Johnson. American-born, Eb Johnson spent most of his life in southern Alberta. By the 1960's, The Virginian- was made into a popular TV series starring James Drury.


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