Jo Mora (1876-1947)

One of our Favorite Artists of the West



"Sweetheart of the Rodeo"

by Jo Mora also known as

Evolution of the Cowboy

This famous print shows the evolution of the cowboy from the Spanish Conquistador to the modern rider of the range and rodeo.  Traces the changes in saddles, bits, spurs, chaps and the paraphernalia of the cowboy's outfit.  Charmingly illustrates branding, roping and the sports of the Old West.
Signature reads: Copyright 1933 Jo Mora. Sweetheart of the Rodeo

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"Jo Mora's Yellowstone"
artwork 1931~ colorized 2013

Affordable Reproduction Print
24" X 31 inches $34.95
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Mora's Yellowstone Maps ~ History


A Mixed Set
Mora's Yellowstone Print
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Yosemite National Park Map 1931

Colorful and humorous, if you love
Yosemite you will love this print.
1980's Version - Limited Supply

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19.5" X15.25 inches $34.95


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Jo Mora's Yellowstone
Cards & Envelopes

5 x 7 inches blank interior

10 for $30.00 - 2 of each design

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3 Mora Prints: Yellowstone, Yosemite and Sweetheart of the Rodeo

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Available in Affordable Original Cartes

Grand Canyon National Park Map 1948

Very detailed with humor ~ full of amazing landmarks.
Grand Canyon visitors and veterans will love this print. See the Grand Canyon through Jo Mora's eyes..
Vintage Print 19 X 15 inches 300.00
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Indians of North America 1936

Depicts in colorful detail the various dress and accouterments of everyday Native American life and ceremony.  Included are examples of tribal basketry, pottery, bead and quill work, textiles, canoes and home life.  This carte provides a broad overview of the people and cultures of the original inhabitants of America.

Signature reads: Jo Mora © MCMXXXVI . (1936)

Vintage Carte 24 X 31 inches $500.00

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