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Jo Mora’s California Map original artwork was done in 1927

First Variation 1927: Full Color, This must have been a commission being that A.M. Robertson held the copyright.
( Copyright 1927 by A.M. Robertson, San Francisco California Publisher since 1870)
27 1/2" x 35 1/2" image size27 x 34 1/2" printed on uncoated paper stock

Second Variation 1945:: Commissioned work by Del Monte Canning Co.
Used as promotional giveaways. It features a Lockheed Constellation 3-tailed airplane. Mora added details to this version, such as the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges that were not around in 1927 for his first, larger map The first printing run of this carte was on thin paper and some of the colors (blues and green) did not absorb well. The next run they switched to a heavier paper. This map is on the heavier paper with richer colors. It is packed with humor, historical information and details of the time.
( The Jo N. Mora Maps, Monterey Ca.)
18 1/4" x 24 3/8" image size 15 3/4 " X 20 3/4" printed on uncoated paper stock

California Carte

First Variation 1927


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California Carte

Second Variation 1945

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19" x 25"

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"Santa Catalina Island"

Original Artwork Copyright Jo Mora - Early 1930's

Limited Edition of 40 Prints 2008

24 x 30 Inches
Circling dolphins, cowboy, cowgirls, marina and map.
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Monterey, CA: Jo Mora Trust, 2007. Limited Edition to 40 copies. Black & white pictographic map. Image size 21 14" x 28 1/2". Printed on 30lb. coated bond paper measuring 24" x 30". Includes signed provenance from the Jo Mora Trust As new
The original artwork for this carte was discovered several years ago in one of Jo Mora, Jr.'s storage rooms and on his passing in 2006, it became part of the Jo Mora Trust Collection. The Mora Trust recently authorized and commissioned a First Printing, strictly limited to 40 numbered copies, unsigned and undated, this carte captures the charm of early Santa Catalina Island and romantic Avalon. In the upper right corner, Jo Sr. proclaims in a scroll, "I dedicate this carte - humorous in its rendering, serious in its intent - to the memory of William Wrigley, Jr., whose appreciation of the beautiful and means to carry out a dream has made Santa Catalina the island gem of the Pacific it is today". Price: $450.00


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