Children's Reading List

Jo Mora's Budgee Budgee Cottontail

A great Magical Christmas Story

A beautifully illustrated tale that takes children and their parents on a journey

that crosses through wild places to meet wild animals of the west,

then north through the mountains, on through Santa's Workshop and home again.


Blue Moon Soup by Gary Goss and Jane Dyer

Recipes like "Soup of the Evening", "Hot Diggity Dog Soup" "Lickity Split Pea Soup"

"Talking Heads of Lettuce" and many more.

A Must for your Children and a Treat for you.


Bill Staines - One More River

Compact Disc: Songs like Less of Me, the Fox, - a must for the children.
Available through Two Ocean Books in Dubois Wyoming
307.455.3554 ~ Tell them that the Seasoned Cowboy sent you
Suggesting from Our Readers

 Herd your Horses Board Game

A board game that will make you laugh, it is so true to life. With Mustang adventure cards, Ranch adventure cards. It is a hoot. Definitely a Seasoned Cowboy Recommendation.

Made by Aristoplay ~

Juli from San Francisco


 Ralph Moody's Little Britches and Man of the Family

My favorite books are the ones by Ralph Moody. They are not particularly
well-written but they are books that I read over and over to our kids. The
first tow in the series are Moody's account of his childhood and growing up in Colorado. They are Little Britches and Man of the family. What makes these such good books to share with kids are the moral lessons that Moody learned from his parents by being shown and not told how to live a good, honest life. The stories are full of hardship and warmth and were favorites of mine growing up and I am so happy to find that they are back in print.

thanks for a helpful website,

Lynn from Pennsylvania and Wyoming


Bill Wallace's

Red Dog.

Danger On Panther Peak

Eye of the Great Bear

John R. Erickson's

Hank the Cowdog Series

Henry from Wyoming - 10 years old


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